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“Identity is cause; 
brand is effect.”

Larry Ackerman

Let’s create your road map.

We create your brand with strategic positioning so you can build trust and hit the ground running. Today’s consumers want their needs met. Wherever that is, your brand should be ready.


“However beautiful the strategy,
you should occasionally
look at the results.”

Winston Churchill

We’ll look for the passion, uncover the strengths, and find what your brand is best at.

Sparks Media helps clients design, build, and launch brands. By breaking out of the box, we create new ideas for the products and services we work with. By learning new insights, we create new and better brand approaches for businesses to take to market.

Our agile methodology combined with growth-minded thinking helps us hit the ground running by finding opportunities for brands and their customers. We do this by first establishing the need, and from there, creating the solution. Together, we create answers in the form of product and service experience for users.

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